Mysql db struct comparison – open source project

yes today it is a not so regular day for technoreaders, yes i have started working on one small script (project)  “Mysql Database structure comparison“. New thing about this project is it open to everyone while its development only. I have never done such thing in past.

So you can checkout and have a look at the code, and also you can contribute.. if you want.

SVN details

svn checkout mysql-database-structure-compare-read-only

Project URL

First of all this script is not intended to handle any kind of data comparison. It is purely and only for comparison of its table structure.

Development will be divided into two phase. In phase one we will just show the difference and in phase two we will also give user a query to make both the database in sync.

Comparison will be divided into steps given below.

  • Connection to both the servers
  • Selection of both the database
  • checking number of tables present
  • comparing tables
  • comparing table fields
This is what is planned so far. as time goes on we will also make improvements.
here we will treat one database as a master and other as a slave. so suggested changes will only target slave database. Also this is my first time with so if you find any mistakes please inform.


if you find any missing point in here, please let us know in comment section or tweet us at @linuxreaders. To get more articles like this, subscribe to our RSS feeds / Mails.


  1. Gerard says: Something like that ?

    • Jigish Thakar says:

      no in case of comparesqltables you ll have to go through all the tables, to check the diffrences.. where as this one will give you all the difference in one go and next version will also give you the sql to make things in sync

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