Install Fedora from Live CD – CLI

It is not necessary to use GUI installer while installing Fedora from Live CD / USB. You can install from CLI too.
Many admins would prefer to start installation from CLI rather booting CD / USB and use GUI based installer.

What is the advantage?
You’ll save time while installing from CD, booting to GUI will take almost double time. This comes handy while you are not giving try to Fedora OS & determine to install.

Followings will guide you starting Installer from CLI.

Boot computer with CD / USB to init 3.
On the Fedora Welcome screen, select BOOT option.
Press Tab
Type 3 at the end of the line & press enter.

Now Fedora Live CD will boot to init 3.
Login as root (no password required) or liveuser (with password liveuser)

Run following command as root.

/usr/sbin/anaconda –liveinst –method=livecd:///dev/mapper/live-osimg-min

Now you can complete Installation, you may not get option to custome partition.

Once after reboot, pc will start at init 3.

to change it to init 5, modify /etc/inittab from id:3:initdefault: to id:5:initdefault:
Also you’ll need to create user.

Why did I endup looking for this option?
I was trying to install Fedora LXDE on my old desktop, GUI installer wasn’t working, I got following error in message log.

localhost anaconda: anaconda called with cmdline = [‘/usr/sbin/anaconda’, ‘–liveinst’, ‘–method=livecd:///dev/mapper/live-osimg-min’, ‘–lang’, ‘en_US.UTF-8′]
localhost anaconda: Display mode = g
localhost anaconda: Default encoding = ascii
localhost anaconda: You do not have enough RAM to use the graphical installer. Starting text mode.

But text based installation was never started, i had to run above command to install fedora.

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  1. Alkos says:

    You used to be able to start the text-mode installation by typing ‘textinstall’ at the boot prompt. This doesn’t seem to work anymore – at least for the livecd. So thank you lots for this work-around.

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