OpenXenManager -Xencenter alternative

This is probably almost every Linux Admin using Citrix Xenserver will be looking for. A way to manage xenservers from Linux machine. Citrix XenCenter is available only for windows machines. Although citrix is using Xen & Linux, citrix forgot to build client for Linux machines.

If you are using Linux machine for routine work, and because of xenserver if you need to connect windows machine / reboot to windows, you may get annoyed. Citrix should have provided XenCenter for Linux.

Anyways, this is where OpenXenManager works.
OpenXenManager (aka OpenXenCenter) is a client application to connect to the XenServer Host through the network. OpenXenManager is a open source clone of Citrix’s XenServer XenCenter. OpenXenManager is written in python with pygtk and a and gtk-vnc (or vncviewer). You can monitor your virtual machines, access virtual machine consoles, perform allowed operations (start, stop, suspend, reboot…), create virtual machines, and more.

Make sure you have dependencies installed.

yum -y install gtk-vnc-python

How to download / install. (you can also schedule following command to fetch updates)

svn co openxenmanager

Running openxenmanager

cd openxenmanager/trunk
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  1. Ananthakrishnan V.R says:

    Warning: parse_url( [function.parse-url]: Unable to parse URL in /home/smartdoc/public_html/ on line 32

    can u please tell me in adding a new server,since its showing sync progress Retrieving VMsServer sync progress Retrieving hostsSynchronisation error:Traceback (most recent call last):  File “/home/ubix/openxenmanager/trunk/”, line 118, in sync    [self.all_hosts[ref][‘license_params’].get(‘sku_marketing_name’)])KeyError: ‘license_params’

    • dpthakar says:

       Sorry am not sure why that error appears, you can probably try contacting developers. so far I have never faced any issue connecting new server.

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