PXE boot Ubuntu

This works with latest version – ubuntu 12.10
This works with latest version – ubuntu 13.04
This works with latest version – ubuntu 12.04

If you are installing ubuntu using pxeboot, you may not get networking, try this fix.

Once you are done setting-up PXE Server, you might need few OS booting from network / pxe for rescue purpose.

Ubuntu can be configured to boot from network & can be used for system rescue.

Following is the procedure to boot Ubuntu using PXE.

Mount ubuntu live iso on pxe server
mkdir /mnt/iso
mount ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso /mnt/iso

Create nfs share for ubuntu & copy all the content of live cd to it
mkdir /nfs-share/ubuntu -p
cp -rfva /mnt/iso/* /nfs-share/ubuntu/
cp -rfva /mnt/iso/.disk /nfs-share/ubuntu/

Enter following in /etc/exports
/nfs-share/ubuntu/ *(no_root_squash,rw,async)

Apply changes
exportfs -rv

Enter following in /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default

LABEL Ubuntu-10.04
kernel /tftpboot/images/ubuntu/vmlinuz
append boot=casper netboot=nfs nfsroot=NFSSERVER:/nfs-share/ubuntu initrd=/tftpboot/images/ubuntu/initrd.lz

Copy initrd and vmlinuz from Ubuntu live cd to tftpboot
cd /nfs-share/ubuntu/casper
cp vmlinuz initrd.lz /tftpboot/images/ubuntu/


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  1. vinterkind says:

    my ubuntu 10.04 amd64 disk does not have a casper directory. the kernel parameter boot=casper is worthless here. up until now i’ve tried it with (excerpt) : kernel /ubu/install/vmlinuz append netboot=nfs root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=NFSSERVER:/nfsroot/ubu ide=nodma initrd=/ubu/install/initrd.gz cheers,

  2. Vidyadhar says:

    You need to copy “.disk” from live cd to your pxe server.

  3. lbanz says:

    I got it booted but when it is starting up ubuntu, it gets stuck on the following. Please provide a name for this Disc, such as ‘Debian 5.0.3 Disk1′: I have to press ctrl alt f1 and give the disc a name before it continues booting. Is there a way of fixing this? Am using 10.4 Ubuntu.

  4. vongillus says:

    Don’t forget to copy /mnt/iso/.disk directory or it will not work properly…

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