RespoStyle for SVN

In the earlier posts we have covered Installation & Backup / Proxy of SVN.

By default with native repos.xsl you’ll not get better look, to make your SVN repo look better you can use Rsposstyle.



Download latest version of ResposStyle.

unzip it & copy repos-web to apache_web folder (/var/www/html)

add / replace following line in httpd.conf

SVNIndexXSLT "/repos-web/view/repos.xsl"

Configure ReposStyle

vi /var/www/html/repos-web/open/log/index.php
change @@Repository@@ to svn repo path e.g
$repo = 'file:///home/svnroot/PROJECT';
Change following to <strong>true</strong> if the mentioned path is SVNPatentPath
$isParent = false;


By defult time displayed in repos style (repos-style-2.2) is GMT

to use local time zone.
download dateformat.load.js from to /var/www/html/repos-web/repos-plugins/dateformat

Add followings in head section of /var/www/html/repos-web/view/log.xsl

<!-- plugins -->
<script type="text/javascript"
<script type="text/javascript"


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